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The Initial LED

The initial LED as instruments of the indicating light source includes a variety of light color LED in traffic signal lamp and a large area display screen has been widely applied Donte Jackson Jersey , produced very good economic benefits and social benefits. With a 12 inch red traffic lights as an example, is used in the United States have long life, low light efficiency, 140 watt incandescent lamp as the light source, which produces 2000 lumens of light. The red filter, optical loss in 90% DJ Moore Jersey , only 200 of the lumen of the red. Automobile signal lamp is also an important field of LED light source.

General Lighting For LED Tube Manufacturer

For general lighting purposes, people need more and more white light sources. In 1998 the successful development of white light LED. This LED is GaN chip and the YAG package together. GaN chip emits blue light (λ p=465nm, Wd=30nm), high temperature sintering of Ce3+ containing YAG fluorescent powder by the blue light upon excitation with a yellow light, peak LED substrate is mounted in a bowl-shaped reflection cavity, covered with mixed with YAG resin layer Thomas Davis Sr Jersey , about 200-500nm. The led tube manufacturer also find the LED blue light from the portion of the substrate by fluorescent powder absorption, another part of the blue light and yellow light emitted by the fluorescent powder mixed, can be a white. Now the InGaNYAG white LED, YAG phosphor by changing the chemical composition of the phosphor layer and adjust the thickness, can obtain the temperature 3500-10000K colored white. The blue light LED light method, has the advantages of simple structure Greg Olsen Jersey , low cost, technology maturity is high, so the use of the most.

LED Tube T8 Energy Saving Lamp

LED energy saving lamp with high brightness white light emitting diode light source, high luminous efficiency, less power consumption, long service life Kawann Short Jersey , easy to control, maintenance-free, safe environmental protection, led tube t8 is a new generation of solid cold light source, than the tube shaped energy saving lamp energy saving, high brightness Trai Turner Jersey , cast more light, good performance, wide range of operating voltage, the light source the microcomputer controller inside, can be realized LED seven color changes, light color and soft Ryan Kalil Jersey , beautiful, rich and colorful, low loss, low energy consumption, green environmental protection, suitable for families Luke Kuechly Jersey , shopping malls, banks, hospitals, hotels, hotel of his various public places long time lighting. Incandescent lamp or a fluorescent lamp with low voltage, LED stability and long life are obvious advantages: incandescent lamp continuous work time seldom exceeds 1000 hours Cam Newton Jersey , using electronic drive fluorescent tube continuous working time can be more than 8000 hours, but the LED work 50000 hours without failure. You never heard of a power indicating lamp is broken? Never seen the computer indicating lamp or hard disk light damage?

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