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When attending a comprehensive practical activity class, the teacher often mentions a sentence: ��Everything is learned.�� The teacher told us that in life, as long as you pay attention to observation, you can gain knowledge from some small and ordinary things. Over time, this knowledge is like a grain of sand, piled up into small sand dunes. When you encounter problems, you can find out the relevant knowledge from your own accumulation Carton Of Cigarettes, and these problems can be solved. Because I believe in this sentence, I have benefited a lot. Whenever research-based learning activities are carried out Newport Cigarettes Coupons, the teacher will always remind us to observe life, be good at finding problems, and then come up with ideas and methods for solving problems. Every time I take a class, the teacher always emphasizes that life is the best writing material. Be sure to let them contact the real life, the article of true feelings. During the summer vacation, I accidentally saw a big green worm crawling on the leaves, fleshy, fat, with two horns on the head, and it was disgusting to see. I took off the leaves, threw them on the ground, and lifted my feet to step on it. Suddenly I found that the big green worm had bowed his back and stretched forward, climbing to the outside of the leaves.fused Cigarettes Online. If you want to find out what is going on, just squat and observe the posture of the big green worm crawling - oh! The big worm "back" is to move the back of the body forward, and then the front part of the body stretches to form a crawling action. I can't help but think of the word "accumb" that the Chinese teacher said during class. There must be a process of ��ready to go��. Yes, if you want to move forward, you must first gain momentum. Our people grow up like this. We learn more like this - seeking knowledge is for growth and forgiveness, and review is for gaining momentum. Everything is learned. Only by paying attention to life, we will feel the richness of life and experience the joy of learning. Watch out for your friends, whether she is happy, whether she is always frowning, or she is dejected for a time, she needs your help or comfort. Watch out for your parents, are they more glaring white hair on their hair; when you hold hands, their hands are still so soft and smooth. Keep an eye out for nature, and the natural seasons have a beautiful view of the weather. Walking along the stream, watching the river rushing, experiencing the life course of the flowing water; sitting on the green grass, sucking the air containing the grassy smell, watching the clouds perform its wonderful performance. The poet is willing to pay attention to life and create an immortal poem, but the people have a lasting aftertaste; the scientists pay attention to life, discover many truths, and make great contributions to mankind. We can take care of our own interests and pay attention to everything around us. In short, paying attention to observation will create the value of life and release the splendor of life.
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