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Have you ever been in an airport or another crowded place with hundreds of conversations, announcements and other noises occurring, and ? from out of nowhere ? heard your name called?

If you have a common name Evan Engram Limited Jersey , this probably happens to you on many occasions?

What do you do when this happens? You instantly stop what you're doing and look for the source, right? In a crowded place like that, you quickly scan the environment to see if you were the intended target. If you don't see anybody you know or have no reason to be called over the intercom, you quickly go back to whatever you were previously doing.

Or, if you're a parent Saquon Barkley Limited Jersey , what about the child crying in the middle of the night when you're in a deep sleep? That sound instantly snaps you out of your sleep into awareness ready to take action, doesn't it?

How about this one? You've just purchased a new car. It doesn't matter what make, model or color it is, after your purchase you suddenly notice the exact same car all over town.

I could go on for pages about similar occurrences, but I won't?you get the point.

Understanding what's happening in that type of situation is critical to marketing success.

In our last message we discussed the first step of marketing success called Lawrence Taylor Limited Jersey , Interrupt or Attention.

Although it sounds easy enough to do, doing it CORRECTLY is not so easy?

To understand the art of interrupting or getting attention, let's go back to the gooey grey matter that lies between our ears.

Do you remember Alpha and Beta from the last message? In order to snap a person from Alpha to Beta, you must understand a section of the brain called the Reticular Activation System (RAS).

The Reticular Activator is like your own super-powered search engine. More powerful than anything you'll find on the internet for sure. The RAS is a network like group of cells in our sub-conscious brain that functions up to 800x faster than our conscious cells can. In fact, brain scientists believe that these signals are sent at over 100 Women's Darius Slayton Jersey ,000 MPH! No, I didn't type an extra zero or two there ? ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND MILES PER HOUR! The formula one race cars average around 220 MPH to put that in perspective for you.

The RAS is constantly looking for things that you desire, are familiar, dangerous or problematic. It is scanning input from your 5 senses and immediately sorting it by order of importance. This is why you can clearly hear your name in the presence of thousands of other words coming into your ears. This is why you can be in a deep sleep and suddenly be awakened with the soft cry of your child yet stay deep asleep with traffic, sirens Women's Julian Love Jersey , television and other common noises coming in from your environment. Pretty interesting stuff right?

So, why on earth is this relevant to you marketing your self-storage facility?

I'll get to the point?

Right now, your prospects have told their RAS (whether they know it or not) that clutter is a problem. They have told their RAS that they wish they could park their new car in the garage. They have told their RAS that they wish they had a place to store their business supplies. And so on.

By interrupting them with familiar, problematic or desired situations, their RAS automatically Women's Oshane Ximines Jersey , without fail, makes them pay immediate attention to your message.

Congratulations, you've successfully gained your prospects attention?

But, that's only the first step. The next part of this equation is to ENGAGE them or gain their INTEREST into your advertisement. This is a critical step that I believe is a major cause for advertising failure today.

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