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The black dress receives noodles the person don't know that the Yan flies is what mean, however 260 intelligence quotients of at the thought of mankind, still the feeling of subconscious nods a way badly:"Is quite good, this person is very severe, with history those intelligence quotient the very high person is similar severe."
The Yan flies to say:"Is your knowing the reason why but I feel that he is more more severe than those people of history?"
Black dress' receiving noodles person is a bit curious, says:"All of everyone's intelligence quotients is 260, why will he be more severe?"
The Yan flies to say:"Intelligence quotient test of tallest be worth 260 be intelligence quotient's tallest person in history stays of, because of always no one's intelligence quotient over 260, so this upper limit that test be 260."
The black dress receives noodles once person's facial expression change and sound out to say:"You are to say, you that friend's intelligence quotient still at 260 on?You of so second kills gold night Ming, is because gold night the Ming is too weak, completely display not your real strenght?"
The Yan flies to sneer at a way:"O.K. you finally discovered this problem, however for proving I be not in the lying, I will make you experience my real strenght in person."
The words sound just fell, the Yan flew a body top to suddenly appear a terrible vehemence that ruined a sky to put out ground.However this vehemence is the enemy who aims at him sends out, but what six Ping pings of his bosom feel is the strong self-confidence that the Yan flies.Six Ping Ping some chis, https://www.giantsonlinefans.com she suddenly thought of what, struggle, say:"The teddy boy put me down quickly, you just deal with them."
The Yan flies to embrace six Ping pings more tightly and says:"Ping Ping, these people without cause intrude into a company mansion and hurt your face, so their offense didn't can forgive.I want to take you polish off all of them together and revenge for you."
Six Ping pings see the strong self-confidence that the Yan fly to present and imperceptibly believe that he can definitely accomplish this affair.Hence she no longer persuades, but the dead dead embraces Yan to fly, make oneself not become the nuisance that the Yan flies.
The black dress receives noodles and two of his companions some pensively, arrive this time, they just discover they being flown by the Yan of the outward appearance cheated.The Yan flies to have the special method door to can control the vehemence strong or weak in the body, then lets people's real strenght to him creation illusion, do a wrong judgment thus.The Yan flies all of the thermodynamic powers to open now, the terrible place that they discovered right away that the Yan flies.
The Yan flies a hand to embrace to land Ping Ping, another finger wears that insularity ninja and says:"You are originally an insularity mountain the person of household, the wound on the face of Ping Ping seems to is what you result in.So I will be the first to solve you, then arrive insularity to seek the trouble of your household."
Insularity ninja right away raise vigilance, he pulls out back of long knife, the beginning is on guard with all strength.Then see the Yan fly body in a flash, the whole space inside is all shadow that the Yan flies everywhere, let him can not distinguish truth or falsity.The insularity ninja's heart knows far from good, https://www.giantsonlinefans.com/bruins-bobby-orr-jersey a smoke plays to quickly fling out, at first a burst of smoke flash across, the insularity ninja disappeared to disappear.
Then all Yans fly shadow to suddenly condense into 1 and appear the place that just stood at the ninja of insularity, see the hand that the Yan flies up grasp a steaming hot heart, this heart still just the plop plop jumped about.Immediately after the air slowly undulates, that insularity ninja re- peeps out a body form.Just his circumstance isn't very good, his chest appeared a huge hole and passed this hole, incredibly can formerly the chest see the wall of behind.

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